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Terms and Conditions for Script Competition

​Occasionally, external events may occur which mean that the competition is unable to proceed due to reasons beyond the control of Q-Scripts. Q-Scripts may, at its absolute discretion, vary, amend or suspend the competition and will use reasonable efforts to notify entrants in these extreme circumstances.

By entering this competition, the user agrees to Q Scripts Terms of Service in addition to these rules, eligibility criteria and legal terms.

All information and creative material submitted to Q Scripts will be handled confidentially in line with our privacy policy
These terms and conditions are subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

COPYRIGHT AND OWNERSHIP: Q-Scripts or any other partner, employee or agent associated with this contest claims no ownership nor first right of option to any original screenplay submitted to this contest. All ownership and rights to the scripts submitted to this contest remain with the original rights holder(s) until and unless other agreements are made, ie ‘the option’.

By entering into this competition, the writer confirms that they are the author of their script as defined by Section 154 of the CDPA, and the script is original to the author except where permitted third-party material has been used (for example, material which has been fully and legally cleared, or which is in the public domain), and the script does not infringe the copyright of any other person or company. Entrants will keep Q-Scripts and any selected production company harmless from any claims that the script infringes the personal or proprietary rights of any other person.

Entrants agree and acknowledge that Q-Scripts is in the business of analysing scripts and that they are able to work in close partnership with an established production company. Prior to the launch of this competition, Q-Scripts or the production company may have seen and developed an original script with a similar premise, characters or other attributable factors to those submitted by entrants of this competition. Neither Q-Scripts nor the production company will be liable for any claims in relation to similar scripts submitted by entrants to this competition or any other competition or third party, and the production company shall not be prevented from producing such original script into a programme now or in the future.

Option Offer: The 1st prize winner will receive an Option Offer which will provide Q-Scripts’ chosen production company with an option on the winner’s script and grants the selected production company permission to pitch the script to potential broadcasters and financiers exclusively throughout the world for a period of 12 month (“Option Period”).
In the event that further development work is commissioned, or a television programme or other programme is commissioned based on the winner’s script during the Option Period, Q-Scripts’ selected production company will exercise the option by giving notice to the winner and will enter into a long form writers’ agreement with the winner which will contain the principal commercial terms (to be negotiated in good faith and in line with customary practices). The winner acknowledges that the writers’ agreement may require a full assignment of the winner’s rights in the script to the production company selected by Q Scripts.

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